Fishing services
Consolidated Services takes a comprehensive approach in providing fishing and remedial services for drilling and workover operations. Experienced team of fishing experts and qualified field engineers offers the most cost-effective solution for your well problems including but not limited to milling, stuck pipe recovery, workover, abandonment, casing exit and open hole fishing.

Our base in Surgut is equipped with a wide range of fishing equipment and machinery necessary to carry out effective maintenance of our tools.
We offer the following services:
Equipment Supply
We provide a vast range of latest and most advanced fishing tools for drilling and workover operations as well as able to design non-standard and customized tools that are tailored to your specific needs.

BHA selection & rental solutions
First responder fishing baskets for immediate requirements on the rig should the need arise. Cargo baskets containing the most popular fishing tools according to client's parameters.
Long-term and short-term equipment rentals.

Various fishing and remedial services
Providing our fishing tools and innovative solutions from leading western manufacturers of oilfield equipment along with engineering support at a rig site while removing wellbore obstructions during drilling and workover operations. Our services include:

  • stuck and lost pipe recovery
  • milling, cutting and washover operations
  • casing exit and well abandonment
  • junk retrieval and wellbore cleaning
  • rental of friction reduction tools for stuck BHA or pipe recovery as well as for performance drilling - Agitator system

Technical and technological support at a rig site by our fishing experts and certified fishing engineers specialized in complex works.

Preparation of technical proposals and decision algorithms for upcoming fishing jobs, consulting clients with best practices for safe and efficient procedures evading complications.

Equipment maintenance and manufacturing tools to fit non-standard requirements answering our customer's needs.
Являясь одним из крупных партнеров Bowen® на территории РФ, а также пользуясь услугами российских инженеров (не привлекая зарубежных высокооплачиваемых менеджеров), мы имеем возможность проводить гибкую ценовую политику для своих клиентов без снижения качества предоставляемых услуг.
Компания имеет долгосрочное соглашение с мировым лидером по изготовлению ловильного оборудования «NOV-Downhole» (торговые марки Bowen®, Griffith®) на поставку оборудования и запасных частей, а также на обучение нашего персонала в тренировочных центрах производителя.
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