Fishing Services
Series 150 Overshot
Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is the strongest tool available to externally engage, pack-off, and pull a fish. The basic simplicity and rugged construction with which it is designed have made it the standard of all external catch fishing tools.


The Bowen Series 150 Releasing and Circulating Overshot is composed of three outside parts: Top Sub, Bowl, and Guide. The Basic Overshot may be dressed with either of two sets of internal parts, depending on whether the fish to be caught is near maximum size for the particular overshot.

The Bowl of the Overshot is designed with helically tapered spiral section on its inside diameter. The gripping member (Spiral Grapple or Basket Grapple), is fitted into this section. When an upward pull is exerted against a fish, an expansion strain is spread evenly over a long section of the bowl and the compression strain is spread evenly over a long section of the fish. No damage or distortion occurs to either the fish or the Overshot. This design permits a far stronger tool with a smaller outside diameter than is possible with an overshot that employs a single tapered section which supports slips.

Overshot Accessories:

  • Overshot extension, 24"-60" long;
  • Oversized and wall hook guides;
  • Stop rings;
When the overshot is dressed with a Spiral Grapple, a Type "A" Packer is used. It seals at its O.D. against the inside of the Bowl. It has an internal lip that seals around the fish of a specific size.

Wide Catch Overshot
The Wide Catch overshot is the strongest tool available to externally engage, pack off and pull a fish that has been significantly worn. During a fishing operation, it withstands heavy pulling, torsional and jarring strains without damaging the tools or the fish. It significantly increases your ability to securely latch onto a fish that has an unknown or undersized OD.

Components are similar to those of Series 150 Overshot, but with more rugged design, optimized features, and helix geometry. Wide Catch overshot has an extended catch range that's up to four times greater than a conventional. Overshot. In addition to offering the extended catch range, the Wide Catch overshot seals across very large extrusion gaps at both standard and high pressures and provides full circulation through the fish. New course threads at the connection between the top sub and bowl allow for quick assembly while maximizing the torsional and tensile strength. Optimizing these threads has also allowed us to increase the ID of the top/extension subs, enabling full passage of even the largest fish OD

Series 70 Overshot
Series 70 Short Catch Releasing Overshots are specifically designed to engage the exposed portion of a fish too short to be engaged with conventional catch overshots and where conditions prevent lowering the overshot past the fish. This tool will firmly engage a very short fish.

This tool is simple and rugged. The four pieces comprising the assembly cannot be incorrectly assembled.The operation of the Series 70 Short Catch Releasing Overshot is identical to that of the well known Series 150 Bowen Overshot: engagement is effected by slowly lowering the assembly over the fish while maintaining slow right hand rotation; release is accomplished by bumping down heavily and then slowly elevating the fishing string while simultaneously rotating slowly to the right.