Fishing Services
Threaded Die Collars
Die Collars are simple, rugged, reliable external catch fishing tools that are tapping on the outside wall of tubing objects such as tubing and drill pipes. The die collar has a long cylindrical integral structure which is consisting of the body with threads on the internal wall and lipped guide. Threaded die collar is made of high strength alloy and is made with a cutting groove of fishing threads.

Die Collars have a threaded end on the large wicker diameter end so that an optional guide can be used to better adapt the die collar to changing hole conditions. Optional guides are furnished with plain or cut lip designs. All Die Collars are furnished with hardened wickers, designed to engage even the most difficult fish. The standard wickers offered are a plain, watertight, non-fluted design, if circulation is required below the stuck point. An optional fluted type wicker is also available, designed to flush out the cuttings while engaging the fish. Both right-hand and left-hand tools are available depending on the type of the work string used.
Non-threaded Die Collars
A simplified version of the fishing die collar. Unlike the Threaded Die Collar, they are made without a cutting groove of fishing threads on the ID of the tool. Die Collars are not releasable and typically used in conjunction with Safety Joints.