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Hydromechanical Internal Pipe Cutter
Internal Pipe Cutter is a simple hydraulic actuated pipe cutter, efficient tools for cutting tubing, casing or drill pipe. Manufactured to exacting standards, Internal Cutters permit the redressing of a basic assembly in order to cut alternate sizes of pipe. Internal Cutters are used to cut tubing, casing or drill pipe. They may be run on sucker rods, tubing, or drill pipe, depending upon the diameter of the pipe to be cut.

Internal Pipe Cutter is consisting of a Body, with multiple Knives and Knife Pins: actuated by a Piston with a Pressure Relief Valve System consisting of a Flow Bushing, Valve Stem, Flow Bean Retainer, Valve Stop Spider, Flow Bean, and Set Screws.

The Cutter is attached to the drill pipe or tubing. The knives are wired to retain them in the groove and lowered to the desired depth. Rotation is started (usually 30 to 50 rpm). The pump is turned on, usually to 900 psi. The cutter is held in one position while cutting, and the piston forces the knives through the pipe. When the knives reach the preset diameter, the piston will separate from the valve stem and provide more mud flow through the tool, causing a marked decrease in pump pressure, indicating the knives have severed the pipe. The pump pressure indication is preset by a simple adjustment, allowing the knives to extend at exactly the desired diameter.

External Pipe Cutters
External Cutters are automatic spring-fed cutters that provide fast, efficient, external cutting and recovery of long sections of tubing, drill pipe or casing. The spring-fed feature prevents excessive strain from being applied from the rig floor, which could cause the knives to burn or break before the cut is made.

The Body of the Bowen External Cutter is designed so that when an upward strain is taken on the cutting string (and the Spring Dog Assembly has engaged a tool joint or collar), the downward travel of the Spring Dog Assembly and the Thrust Washer is limited to compressing the Main Spring and to shearing the Feed Ring Shear Pin. Thereafter the Knives are fed for the cutting operation only by the Main Spring. A Thrust Bearing Assembly assures smooth, low friction rotation of the cutter.

The Spring Dog is designed to catch under the coupling to actuate the cutter and retain the cutoff section of the pipe. It is effective for use with couplings, collars or squared shoulder tool joints. It is standard and will be furnished unless an alternate optional catcher assembly is specified. The optional Ratchet Pawl Assembly is used if the pipe being cut has external upset integral tool joints. This assembly may also be used with couplings.

The optional Slip Assembly is used if the pipe to be cut has external flush tool joints. The Slips will grip the pipe at any point in its length to actuate the cutter and retain the cut-off section of pipe. Bowen External Cutters are available to cut all popular sizes of drill pipe and tubing.