Fishing Services
Itco-Type Releasing Spears provide a dependable, inexpensive, and simple means of engaging a fish internally. These Spears assure positive engagement, easy release from the fish when desired, and easy re-engagement after the Spear has been released.

The Itco-Type Releasing Spear consists of a Mandrel, Grapple, Release Ring, and Nut. The Mandrel may be obtained in either a Flush Type or a Shoulder Type. Mandrel top connections are furnished to order. The Nut can be obtained as a plain bullnose guide or with a pin connection for the attachment of other tools below the Spear.Both right-hand and left-hand tools are available depending on the type of the work string used.

Spear Pack-Off Assembly
Packoff Assemblies are available for most Bowen Itco Type Releasing Spears to pack-off all sizes of tubing, drill pipe and casing. The Packoff Assembly is attached to the Sub Type Nut below the Spear, where it packs-off the fish in order to circulate through the fish.

Optional Nuts available are: Mill Type to mill away burrs, Sub Type to connect and run other tools below the Spear, and Sidehill Type to center the spear in greatly oversize holes to assure entry of the Spear into the fish.

Stop Rings and Stop Subs
Stop Sub is designed to be used with the Flush Mandrel Type Releasing Spear when use of a stop is required. It is installed in the box connection at the top of the Mandrel.

Stop Ring is used with the Stop Sub when use of a larger stop is required. It is installed on the Stop Sub shoulder with set screws.