Fishing Services
Reverse Circulation Junk Basket is used to retrieve all types of small junk objects in well bores. This tool's unique principle of reverse circulation insures complete recovery of all junk and eliminates mis-runs. A drain through the tool also eliminates the possibility of pulling a wet string even though the inner barrel is plugged by the core. In addition, it may be converted into an effective fishing magnet and still retain the reverse circulation feature.

A single junk catcher is used in each assembly. A lifting sub is provided for ease of handling which includes a storage space for the steel ball used in the operation of the tool. It is converted into a fishing magnet by replacing the catcher with the Bowen magnet insert.

Alternate Shoes available, designed for different applications. During operation, with the steel ball dropped into the valve seat, fluid flows through the inner passage of the barrel and out the vents in its lower end. The fluid is directed outward and downward and deflected toward the center. Fluid flows in a continuous stream to the center of the tool and up through return ports in the upper end of the barrel. All junk is thus carried into the barrel above the junk catcher.