Fishing Services
Fishing magnets
Fishing Magnets are used to retrieve all types of small objects having magnetic attraction from bore hole bottoms. Such undrillable objects as bit cones, bearings, slips, tong pins, and milling cuttings can often be retrieved only by magnetic attraction. These Fishing Magnets are particularly valuable for use prior to diamond coring. In a single trip, the Fishing Magnet will completely clean the hole of these damaging junk items, ensuring good performance and safeguarding the valuable bit.

Fishing Magnets may be run on wire lines or on pipe. Wireline operations have the advantages of speed and economy. Pipe operations have the great advantage of utilizing the generous circulation holes in the magnet to eliminate settlings above the fish, and to loosen the fish. Small size assemblies (with sucker rod connections) do not have circulation bores. Bowen has Wireline Adapters available to run between the magnet and cable head or rope socket. The Flush OD Type Guide is sold as part of the assembly. Cut-Lipped and Mill Type Guides are available as optional accessories

String magnets
String magnet is ideal for use in operations involving casing cutting, milling, P&A, and casing exits. The magnet substantially increases ferrous debris removal when available circulation is inadequate. With a large magnetic area for increased capacity of retrieval, the string magnets optimize production and wellbore cleanout, minimizing NPT and reducing overall costs. This tool utilizes high-strength, patent pending magnetic sleeves which are easily removable and replaceable. These sleeves contain rare earth magnets which produce a powerful energy field ensuring that large amounts of debris are collected.

The one-piece body has no internal connections and has been designed and rated for high-torque. The string magnet is available in common casing sizes ranging from 4 ½ in. to 14 in. in standard and high temperature options.

Features include:

  • Large magnetic area for increased capacity of retrieval
  • High-strength rare earth magnets
  • Designed as a solid, one-piece body/mandrel (no internal connections)
  • Rated for high-torque capability
  • Available in common casing sizes from 4 ½ in. to 14 in.
  • Magnetic sleeves are easily removable and replaceabl
  • Fishable through the ID

Ditch magnets
Ditch Magnet is the best available and most effective means of trapping and removing metal particles from the drilling mud that the shale shaker will not get. This unit will capture all metals having magnetic attraction and hold them until they can be removed from the mud stream. The Magnet is particularly valuable during milling operations. Removal of mill cuttings and debris reduces wear of mud pumps and other equipment, as well as eliminating problems caused by the return downhole of harmful debris. They are equally effective during washover and fishing jobs.

The Ditch Magnet features simplicity, ruggedness and high power-to-weight ratio. The 36-inch long Magnet weighs only 90 pounds and will hold in suspension as much as half this weight of mill cuttings. The design is clean; eliminating trays, gates and other auxiliary equipment. The magnet is encased in stainless steel and has integral handles at each end for lifting.