Consolidated Services
Consolidated Services is a dynamically evolving company with a goal set to be the top innovative provider of high-quality integrated oilfield service solutions and the latest technology for oil and gas industry in Russia and CIS region.

Advanced technologies introduced by the company in the Russian and CIS markets, equipment from leading Western manufacturers, as well as our highly capable specialists with many years of filed experience, provide Consolidated Services with a high level of competence and reliability.

Our adaptive service and professionalism of our employees allows the company to respond rapidly to our customer's requests. And as an evidence of high level of customer satisfaction and trust in the quality and reliability of our services numerous recommendation letters has been awarded to Consolidated Services by our largest clients and partners.

We provide the following oilfield services:
  • A wide range of fishing services deploying Bowen® Fishing Tools (manufactured by NOV-Downhole) for drilling and workover operations.
  • Forming fishing baskets with rental equipment, technical and technological support, work plan preparation and risk mitigation analysis.
  • Equipment supply and engineering support to run and activate liner assemblies, packers and other equipment necessary to perform hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells.
  • Well completion services including hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells using wireline (Plug & Perf technology).
Engineers of Consolidated Services are undergoing training at the premises of our equipment suppliers and certified by OEM to operate and perform maintenance of company equipment.
Global quality standards
Ensuring and sustaining the high level of service quality that would meet customer's requirements and expectations as well as comply with international industry standards and legislative requirements.
Original equipment and parts
Consolidated Services is using original equipment and spare parts, procured directly from OEM, which eliminates the possibility of counterfeit or otherwise defective products.
Customized tools
Our tight connections with manufacturers and experienced team of engineers allow us to customize tolls with specific characteristics (metal grade, design features etc.) and for special applications.
Reasonable pricing strategy
Being one of the major partners of NOV Bowen® in Russia & CIS, and by employing local engineers without involving expensive foreign managerial resources the company has an opportunity to pursue a flexible pricing policy for its customers without compromising the quality of services provided.
Strategic partnerships
The company has a long-term agreement with the world leader in manufacturing of fishing equipment - NOV Downhole (Bowen®, Griffith® and other trademarks). Such agreement includes uninterrupted supply of equipment and spare parts, as well as training of our personnel in the training centers of NOV.
  • Reliability of services and competence of company staff;
  • Professional approach to problem-solving and risk mitigation;
  • High level of responsiveness to customer's requirements;
  • Compliance with the environmental and industrial safety standards;
  • Uninterrupted operations control and analysis of technological processes;