Fishing Services
Super Fishing Jars
Super Fishing Jar is a straight-pull operated jar which employs a patented combination of proven principles of hydraulics and mechanics. This jar is simple to assemble and its unique design allows easy operations.

The Super Jar is used for fishing, testing, coring, reaming, light drilling, side tracking, and washover operations. Each blow can be controlled positively by the operator to deliver a very light blow or a blow of very heavy impact. Full circulation may be maintained throughout the tool for effective flushing. Full torque may be utilized in either direction and is at all times by means of heavy-duty spines which are continuously in engagement. Only straight pull is required to operate the Jar, and successive blows can be struck as often as the operator can slack off and raise the running string.

Jar Intensifiers
Run in conjunction with the Fishing Jar. Its function is to supply acceleration to the upper end of the Jar and lower portion of the work string during the jarring stroke.

Each Jar Intensifier is designed to match a corresponding Fishing Jar. The Intensifier is essentially a fluid spring that stores energy when a strain is pulled on the running string. When the strain is removed by the free stroke of the Jar, the stored energy is released, accelerating the drill collars and jar end upward until a blow of high impact is struck.

The Jar Intensifier is completely safe to assemble, use and maintain, since no high-pressure pre-loading is required. Particularly valuable in deep, crooked holes where much of the stretch of the string is lost in friction.

A secondary advantage of the tool is its ability to absorb much of the shock of the rebounding string after the jarring stroke, protecting tools and string from damage. Full torque may be transmitted through Intensifier at all times, and full circulation may be maintained through the tool.

Lubricated Fishing Bumper Subs
Lubricated Fishing Bumper Subs are engineered to withstand sustained bumping action in severe fishing and deep workover operations. The tools permit a 10-inch to 18-inch vertical stroke, either upward or downward, that is always available whether rotating or not. Tools with strokes greater than 18 inches up to 60 inches are available on request at extra cost.

A fishing string made up properly always includes a dependable Bumper Sub. This is absolutely mandatory when the fishing job is severe, or includes tools which require sharp bumping action to actuate or release them. No tool, other than Bowen's Lubricated Fishing Bumper Sub, can better meet these demands.

Surface Bumper Jars
Surface Bumper Jar is designed to be installed in the drill string at the surface during fishing operations which require downward jarring impacts against a fish at the point where it is stuck. By a simple adjustment it may be set to vary the jarring force. The stroke of the tool is 48 inches, allowing the fish to be hammered down much farther than could be done with a conventional rotary jar. This tool provides many other outstanding advantages.

It is unique in that it is used only on the surface to release a stuck fish. Due to this intermittent usage, the service life of this tool is greatly extended when compared with conventional bumper subs.