Fishing Services
As part of the Fishing BHA, the Agitator System generates an axial oscillating motion (cyclical tension) to help free the stuck object. This oscillating motion is activated by circulation of the wellbore fluid: as the wellbore fluid is circulated, the Agitator tool generates a pressure pulse wave. This pressure wave enters the shock tool and acts on the piston area within the tool, stroking the shock tool. This axial (along the pipe, not side-to-side) oscillating motion is transmitted through the catch tool to the stuck object, helping to vibrate it loose

  • Gentle oscillation of stuck BHA reduces friction, as result significantly increases rate of success for retrieval of stuck BHAs and pipe
  • Improves overpull transfer from surface
  • Turns static sticking into dynamic sticking
  • Increases sliding ROP in drilling applications
  • Improves tool face control & reduces Stick-slip
  • Significantly improves directional control
  • Achieves results in previously failed fishing attempts
  • Eliminates expensive cementing and sidetracking operations
  • Strength and frequency of the oscillations is customizable to your operation
  • Reduces non-productive rig time and time spent fishing, prevents occurrence of lost-in-hole expenses
  • Fully compatible with standard fishing tool